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Why invest?

1. We are an all-in-one Blockchain Asset solution.

2. Permanence is what we strive for.

3. Beneficial both as a Short-term and Long-term Investment.

The Bithemoth exchange was created using 3 major fundamental pillars; Accessibility, Usability and Profitability.


- Bithemoth has been designed from the ground up to accommodate this development and revolutionize the crypto-industry during this transitional period.

- Accessible for mass adoption by the general public.

- Direct fiat-to-crypto and vice-versa options.

- Videos explaining each feature of our exchange, and all other fundamental aspects of relevance.

- Brick and mortar locations – Educational centres.


- Enhanced user experience.

- User-friendly.

- Designed both for new investors, and seasoned investors.


- Low trading fees.

- Marketplace.

- ICO incubator.

- Integrated hardware wallets.

- Exchange debit cards.

Short-Term Investment with High Returns

Bithemoth is not only an attractive long-term investment, it is also positioned wisely to ensure respectable short-term gains. We have structured our pre-sale and ICO to reward investors who support us during our earlier stages. Our pre-sale has been generously priced and works in favor of the individuals who buy in during these stages. This is great news for early short-term investors, since significant returns can be made on pre-sale BHM.

About BHM

Bithemoth will create an all-encompassing cryptocurrency exchange which will refine how cryptocurrencies are traded
Created by a mixture of budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors, Bithemoth combines the experience of its team to create an all-encompassing crypto-exchange which will refine how cryptocurrencies are traded. Our platform will incorporate multiple novel features to distinguish itself from current exchanges, and solidify itself in the crypto-market. Utilizing the diversity of our team, we are creating a powerful and robust exchange which will not only satisfy the needs of traditional stock investors, but will also simplify the process, allowing even the non-tech savvy individuals to begin trading.


At Bithemoth we value refinement and advancement. Here are some features that will set us apart:

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Simple Portfolio Management

Our platform prioritizes security heavily, ensuring the use of enhanced security systems such as hardware wallet integration.

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Enhanced Security
(Hardware Wallet Integration)

24/7 support system that will ensure our users receive prompt help whenever needed.

payment payment

Entry Made Easy
(FIAT options +)

Entry Made Easy (FIAT options +). We want to make blockchain assets accessible by everyone.

security security


Our Global Marketplace will allows users to purchase goods and services using their assets from verified sellers.

world world

Debit Card

We will host and support promising projects through our ICO Incubator.

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24/7 Support

Bithemoth will have a debit card that allows users to use BHM to purchase whatever they want (FIAT conversion).

margin margin

Advanced Trading Options

Simple Portfolio Management will allow users to keep track of important statistics without having to manually calculate them.

advanced advanced

ICO Incubator

Our Advanced Trading Options will allows users to trade confidently when online and offline.

Partners and Affiliates

“A fair exchange making crypto-trading accessible to everyone”

Road Map

Project Vision
September 2017
Team Creation
October 2017
Development Commences
December 2017
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Beta Launch
Q3 2018
Full Exchange Release
Q4 2018
Global Marketing Campaign
Q3 2018
Mobile App Launch
Q4 2018
Patent and Product Licensing
Q4 2018
Marketplace Implementation
Estimated Q1 2019
Hardware Wallet Integration
Estimated Q4 2019
Brick and Mortar Stores
Estimated Q4 2019

Complete Coin Breakdown

Foundation Team


CEO and Co-Founder


COO and Co-Founder

Dr. Mohamed Cisco

CFO and Co-Founder


CIO and Co-Founder


Director of Business Administration


Community Director

Micholas Samoondar

Director of Marketing Partnerships


Marketing Specialist


Software Research

Daniela Gaviria

Investor Relations



Development Team


Head Coordinator


Lead Software Engineer

Linkon Islam

Lead Front End Developer


Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Senior Front End Developer


Senior Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer

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